Tuition and Fees

Nubian American Advanced College has a strong commitment to ensuring accessibility for its programs and services to all students who are interested. A limited number of related services, which the student uses shall be supported by fees to assist in defraying the costs of providing those services.

Generally, all fees shall  be assessed at the time of registration. Students who do not pay the required tuition and fees at the time of registration may be subsequently dropped from classes, and grades and transcripts shall be withheld, and future registration could be restricted. 

Students who are not dropped from courses for non-payment are still liable for all fees unless the student drops the courses by the published deadline. It is the student’s responsibility to pay all fees or to drop themselves from the courses by the deadline. All fees, including any optional fees required at the time of registration must be paid by the deadline.

Students on a waitlist for a class must check their Nubian American Advanced College (NAAC) email to find out if they have been admitted into the class. If students are admitted into a class from the waitlist, they must pay the tuition and fees by the scheduled deadline or they will be dropped from the classes. It is the student’s responsibility to stay informed of his or her waitlist status and to pay any fees due by the scheduled deadlines.

The information in this section is subject to change as a result of new development or as may be deem fit by the College after the publication date of the catalogs. See below for information on Tuition and Fees:

Tuition and Fees (Effective Spring Semester 2024)