Students' Success Center

Career Development for Students 

  • Career related internship experience

  • Enhanced job searching techniques

  • Job fair for Employment opportunities before graduation

Our primary goal at Nubian Advanced American College is to accommodate Students of all ages and to help in meeting their individual needs.

Our programs are flexible and have been arranged and designed to enable accelerated completion.

More information are provided about this learners’ support center.

Our main objective is to provide academic preparation of the best quality to our prospective Students. 


  • Our main objective is to provide academic preparation of the best quality to our prospective students.

  • To ensure that our academic Programs are disseminated through an outcome- based Learning procedures within an accelerated time frame/ individualized study pace.

  • To encourage Students to have access to inquiry, free interactions and exchange of ideas among Learners, Colleges Administrators and Staff of NAAC.

  • To combine theory and practice which will prepare Professionals for leadership roles.

  • To grant Students the necessary support to complete their programs of study successfully and overcome obstacles.

  • To at all times maintain our excellent pedigree and reputation.

  • To grind into our Students that sense of confidence and self-reliance which will enable them have access to various opportunities available via information outlets / channels, the world wide web, private and public entities, in this ever-evolving global community.

  • To maximize the use of Information Technology, to be at the leading stage and cutting the edge as a pace setter, In both traditional and virtual/online Higher Institutions.


At the Success Center Counseling services are available to Students through scheduled appointments. Any student who has selected a major Program of study is strongly advised to visit the Counselors that are assigned to that area of study. The Counseling services assist the Students as part of the matriculation program. Students are helped in clarifying career choices and life goals.

They are also supported in developing appropriate   program of study based on goals, aptitudes and interests. Please call the Counseling department for the schedule of the day.


When students have questions, the online live chat, email, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and in-person orientations will provide answers through an introduction to academic programs and  support services to help you succeed.



The Centre administers and coordinates retention, teaching with the right instructional materials, and supports academic programs for students, at NAAC.

The two academic pathways at NAAC, the American Pathway and the Nigerian Pathway are designed to same quality of education.

Many three-credit hour courses are offered. Some of these will provide the students with instructions in academic skills and career awareness courses. These were developed by the Students Success Center which has been equipped with personnel that are concerned about the planning of career and life goals, the acquisition of marketable skills and the realization of inter-personal skills, in relation to new professional's experience.

Various courses in reading, writing and Mathematics skills are available in compliance with the NAAC' s mission and vision to develop in the students, adequate and relevant academic skills, for self-reliance.

Through the Center for Effective Teaching and Learning, the College affirms that the members of the academic team are the most valuable assets and will always invest in their professional and instructional development.

The Centre will always provide a variety of services that will support the NAAC's academic members, to optimize their teaching effectiveness, in a multilingual and multicultural environment. These services include, mentoring new academic members; creating linkages and networks, to encourage effective teachers and teachings, assisting academic members by initiating and integrating educational research environments.

The Center intends to create a bridge between Research and Teaching, by putting in place, the right models and criteria, for effective teaching.

The Center for Effective Teaching and Learning endeavors to make available an appreciable opportunity which will reflect the uniqueness of the objective of NAAC, that will establish national programs and the awareness to reflect the diversity of the academic members, the students and the Management.


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