School of Nursing & Allied Health Sciences 

The Philosophy of the Nursing degree programme is hinged on the believes that Man is a bio-psycho-social being and his needs are the focus of all nursing activities in its efforts towards achieving a high level of wellness. Candidates will be thoroughly  prepared by allowing them to take the first four semesters  university  nursing courses  

The School will provide quality medical education and training. The Biomedical Sciences training is most appropriate for students with a strong background in biology who plan to move on to a medical career or apply for an advanced degree program that involves patient contact. Students have an option to pursue additional education in Medicine or Dental Medicine at a 4-year college offering those courses.


  • Nursing Sciences (B. NSc.)

  • Public Health

  • Human Nutrition and Dietetics

  • Dental Technology

  • Medical Laboratory Sciences 

  • Environmental Health Science

  • Health Sciences (Medicine, Dentistry, Potamology)