School of Nursing & Allied Health Sciences 

The School of Nursing and Health Science is benchmarked to advancing and sustaining the Nursing profession and its contribution to peoples’ health and public policy. It will advance humane and quality health care for a global society, as it is the strategic choice for nursing education. The School will provide Students with the knowledge and professional skills necessary to assist patients and clients toward an optimal level of health. 

The programs are focused on educating nurses that will have the capacity to influence the design and implementation of policy in health and other related areas to achieve better health outcomes, and through the Associate of Science  programs, the School will integrate critical thinking, decision-making, leadership and management techniques with moral, ethical and legal principles associated with providing outstanding care, not only in a clinical setting but in both acute and long term care facilities as well as in community settings.

The Nursing graduates will not only become key distributors and essential partners in formulating and implementing public policy, systems design, and services delivery. The School will prepare the Public health pioneers with the acumen and entrepreneurial approaches to reinvent the public health paradigm. It delivers truly interdisciplinary public health education at the preparatory level.  Our graduates will be positioned to bring solidarity and cooperation across the profession in collaboration with other stakeholders and provide strategic leadership to empower nurses and nursing organizations to advance nursing worldwide through coherent, efficient, effective, and judicious advocacy by and for nurses, nursing, and health.  


Department of Nursing 

  • Pre-Nursing, AS 

  • Nursing, AAS 

  • Practical Nursing, AAS 

Department of Health Sciences 

  • Health Science, AS 

  • Veterinary Technology, AAS 

Public and Community Health 

  • Public Health Science, AS 

  • Health Information Management, AAS 

  • Health Informatics and Information Technology, AAS 

  • Medical Laboratory Technology, AS