Head Office :11 Awolowo Road, 4th Floor, Ikoyi, Lagos

Main Campus: Chevron Road off Lekki Epe Highway, Lekki, Lagos. 


In fulfilling its mission, the College:

  1. Offers Associate of Arts (AA), Associate of Arts in Education (AT), Associate of Science and Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees.

  2. Offers transfer curricula in preparation for the Baccalaureate/ Bachelor’s degree.

  3. Offers Career/Vocational curricula leading to Certificates, Certifications, Diplomas and Associated degrees;

  4. Offers remedial and developmental courses and services, as well as Adult Basic Education, to assist under prepared Students to achieve competency in basic skills and thus gain access to college-level programs.

  5. Supports excellence in instruction in all academic areas by the encouragement of Schools’ professional development for the improvement of teaching and learning through innovative teaching methodologies, research and public service. 

  6. Provides library and other instructional resources as integral parts of the educational process. 

  7. Supports Students in the learning process through Counseling and Academic advising. 

  8. Offers continuing-education, non-credit (diploma &certificate), courses and programs to meet the needs of business, industry, government, and the community-at-large, and to contribute to the economic development of its service region. 

  9. Provides varied cultural opportunities, recreational activities, and community services to enhance the quality of life in its service region.

  10. Actively cooperates with government agencies, vocational-technical schools, other colleges, and universities to promote a more productive educational environment within its service region; 

  11. Encourages the innovative and effective use of technology to increase and enrich educational opportunities for Students and the community. 

Nubian American Advanced College is an Institution that lay more emphasis and personal attention to Students, innovation and flexibility in its credit (degree) and non-credit (diploma, & certificate) offerings, and responsiveness to the diversity of communities it serves. The College is totally dedicated to providing an educational environment that gives recognition to individuality, stresses the importance of human relationships, and reflects the democratic values of our society.