Nubian American Advanced College (NAAC) has been the vision  of Dr. Azhinoto Ozodio Ikpah since 1972 after experiencing the versatility, adaptability, innovative relevance nature of American type, 2-year community Colleges to society, economy and education in Kentucky and Texas, United State of America. 

This vision was further re-enforced, on his return to Nigeria from Texas USA in 1981,  and found out the obsolete, rigid, unaffordable, restrictive admission nature, examination-based, noncontinuity, theory-based Nigerian Tertiary Educational system.

Dr. Azhinoto Ozodio Ikpah initially intended to establish this College in the  crude oil producing but deprived Niger Delta Region, but the State Governments in the region did not understand the usefulness of his idea of a two-year College modeled after the American tertiary education system. He then decided to collaborate with some individuals who understood the Community College Concept, its usefulness to the Community, Society and the development of higher education and economy of Nigeria.

To meet the requirements of the Educational Regulatory, Accreditation Agencies and Commissions in both Nigeria and USA within 2-4 years, he decided to collaborate with established, accredited institutions in Nigeria and USA.

As a result of limited resources, Dr. Ikpah introduced the idea of monetization of expert resources and of property owners who believe in his vision of establishing NAAC. 

He envisages a university village/park for the permanent campus at the boundaries of Lagos and Ogun States on a 200-hectare land within 5 (five) years (2021 – 2025). It is also anticipated that online courses, Certificates and Certification Programs would start in 2021 academic session and reach the greater population of Nigerians yearning for affordable, quality mass education.

The community college by its nature is organic. The essential elements remain the same but it is ever evolving to meet the needs of those it serves. NAAC will always provide a solid undergraduate foundation for students who plan to go on to a four-year college or university. At the same time, we will offer two-year degrees in applied science and applied art, and offer job skills certificates, for the many who do not plan to pursue a bachelor’s degree.