School of Engineering, Engineering, Technology & Architecture 

The School of Engineering, Technology and Architecture of the Nubian Advanced American College aspires to be a major leader in innovative engineering, technology education and Architecture while engaging in research that addresses current challenges. It aims to be a highly rated Engineering School recognized for excellence, innovation and contributing to a sustainable world of Architecture, shaping public policy, and enhancing the quality of life. 

The mission of the School of Engineering, Technology and Architecture is to provide high quality education at associate degree level. Its main objective is to develop excellence in fostering industry/collegiate partnerships and to contribute to the development and application of technology for the advancement and welfare of the community at large. The School prepares graduates to become innovative, socially responsible leaders in industry, government, and academia with education grounded in the fundamental principles and creative approaches of engineering, technology, and architecture.

The School of Engineering, Technology and Architecture list of programs has been carefully designed to integrate graduates in major sectors with increased career opportunities. Our program explores all facets of aviation management, including airport and airline economics, aeronautical science, accounting, marketing, environment, aviation safety, assets protection and global business strategies. This associate degree programs offer an interdisciplinary approach to the design, manufacture, integration and management of energy and information into engineering systems and processes. 

The school creates knowledge that produces technology innovation through leading-edge disciplinary and interdisciplinary studies, and distributes knowledge generated through such   using the school’s strategic engagement with industry, and life-long engineering education. The School will provide a vocational education/ training that will prepare individuals in the Area of Skill acquisition to be productive individuals that will contribute to the social and economic development of our society. NAAC will continually strive to strengthen and improve the impact we have on our students by transforming their lives and making them self-dependent, more skillful, employable by making them employers of labor themselves.


Department of Engineering 

  • Engineering Science, AS (aerospace, civil, industrial, mechanical, nuclear) 

  • Biomedical Engineering, AS 

  • Chemical/Biological Engineering, AS 

  • Electrical Engineering, ASE 

  • Electronics/Telecommunications Engineering Technology, AAS 

  • Computer Engineering, ASE 

  • Mining Engineering AS 

  • Mining Engineering AAS 

  • Petroleum Engineering   AS 

  • Environmental Engineering AS 

Department of Engineering Technology 

  • Biotechnology, AAS 

  • Computer Science Technology, AS 

  • Computer Information Systems, AS 

  • Computer Information Systems, AAS 

  • Information Technology, AS (Software Development)  

  • Computer and Information Technology, AAS (Digital Forensics Technology  Option)

  • Computer and Information Technology, AAS (Business Information Technology) 

  • Information and Communication   Technology, AAS 

  • (IT - Network Engineering Option)

  • Information and Communication   Technology, AAS   (Computer Support Specialist Option) 

  • Information and Communication   Technology, AAS 

  • (Cybersecurity Option)

  • Visual Communication & Design, AAS (Web and Interactive Media Option 

  • Computer Engineering Technology, AS 

  • Chemical Engineering Technology, AAS 

  • Petroleum Engineering Technology, AAS 

  • Petroleum Data Technology, AAS 

  • Petroleum Service Technology, AAS 

  • Environmental Engineering Technology AAS 

  • Agricultural Engineering Technology, AAS 

  • Electrical Engineering Technology, AS 

  • Mechatronics, AAS 

  • Industrial Electronic Engineering Technology, AAS 

  • Graphic Arts and Imaging Technology, AAS 

  • Industrial Systems Technology, AAS 

  • Mechanical Engineering Technology, AS 

  • Industrial Engineering Technology, AAS 

  • Railroad Engineering Technology: Electromechanical, AS

Department of Architecture 

  • Architecture, AS 

  • Drafting – Architectural Program, AAS