School of Education 

                                                        The School provides the Students with programs that range that emphasize professional practice and leadership. The programs are interdisciplinary and include unique opportunities for global learning and research. It will provide applied learning, internship, and other fieldwork experiences. It is worthy to note that the field of Education is constantly evolving. To be a current Teacher one must be equipped to navigate the developments rapidly and successfully.

                                                        The School will adequately impact Students with the learning skills that will be needed to individualize instructions, incorporate technology into lesson plans, it will adequately prepare them for advanced knowledge required for the to graduate in the respective institution the move to to complete their degree programs.
                                                        This process is expected to ensure that our Students are gaining the skills and expertise needed to be an accomplished and effective teacher. There will be opportunity for student’s balance school with life by taking one program at a time online.
                                                        Education Guidance and Counselling
                                                        Business Education
                                                        English and Literary Education
                                                        French Education
                                                        Biology   Education
                                                        Chemistry Education
                                                        Physics Education
                                                        Computer /Statistics
                                                        Mathematics Education
                                                        Economics Education
                                                        Educational Management
                                                        Education Geography
                                                        Education Political Science/Government
                                                        Education/History/International Studies