The Canvas Learning Management System at Nubian American Advanced University (NAAC)

The Nubian American Advanced College embraces the establishment of an open system of education in which competent international partners with diverse backgrounds combine their complementary expertise to create technological and research innovations that lead to successful technology and knowledge transfer ventures. NAAC is positioned to deliver online, hybrid and face-to-face education utilizing the CANVAS learning management system.

The Canvas platform offers complete LMS (learning management system) functionality for online learning including standards-based grade books, customizable student assessments, course content authoring, mobile communication, plus more. The Canvas App Center offers mobile-ready teaching tools that can add new functionalities to the platform. Canvas also offers native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, allowing our educators, students, and parents to view key information, share and receive updatees, or submit results from anywhere at any time. With these tools, Canvas LMS offers comprehensive, high-quality mobile learning experiences.

Nubian American Advanced College (NAAC) teachers and administrators can share content, assessments, even entire courses with each other through Canvas Commons (Canvas’ OER -open education resource platform) or easily import other open content from known and trusted repositories. Teachers can discuss instructional strategies, use cases, and lessons learned, or ask questions within the Canvas Community—the largest, active community of LMS users in the market. NAAC will incorporate the versatility of Zoom Conference, enabling seamless education delivery.

Nubian American Advanced College (NAAC) students can then communicate via Canvas LMS, which provides a great place for collaboration. Students can participate in online discussions and even work in groups and collaborate in their own space within Canvas. In Canvas messages can be sent between students, teachers, and parents. Communications happen always in Canvas, but everyone can receive notifications however they choose. Special attention here is the last part where Canvas shows how a teacher can send a message to a whole group and even to only a student who has still not delivered their assignments). The mobile application is robust and incredibly convenient, allowing all-the-same functionality as the desktop version. Students can even take online quizzes and finals using their internet-connected mobile device (Smartphone). The Canvas LMS is very user-friendly and an all-around excellent way to engage in continuing education and life-long learning.