School of Arts and Sciences 

The School of Arts, and Sciences will offer the Associate degree programs in General Education in Humanities, Arts and Communication Arts.

The School will offer courses in Behavioral Sciences, Anthropology, Sociology, Philosophy, Economics, Geography and Political Science. These programs will avail Students the opportunity to acquire the training that will awaken their intellectual curiosity as well as the desire to understand the world using business and economic intuitions in collaboration with the School of Business and Management. Through programs of teaching and outreach, the School aims to generate knowledge and developing policies, techniques, and skills to help graduates as leaders in advocating the management and conservation of natural and environmental resources in sustainable basis to benefit mankind. 

In response to complex shifting global cultures, rapidly evolving technologies and changes to the environment, the School of Arts, Humanities and Communication prepares the students to understand the broad landscape of contemporary creative practices and consider ways in which they can incite progressive social change, address challenges in the environment and assume their roles as global citizens through avenues such as public engagement opportunities.


Department of Social Sciences 

  • Economics, AS 

  • Political Science, AS 

  • Political science; Pre law concentration, BS

  • Public Administration, AAS 

  • Geographic Science:   Geography, AA 

  • Geographic Information Systems Technology (GIST), AAS 

  • Psychology, AS 

  • Sociology, AS 

  • Social Work, AS 

  • Human Services, AS 

Department of Art 

  • Philosophy, AA 

  • English with Emphasis in (Literature), AA 

  • English with Emphasis in Creative Writing, AA 

  • International Relations and Diplomacy, AA 

  • Pre-Legal Administration, AA (Pre-Legal) 

  • Criminal Justice, AAS 

  • Creative Writing, Screenwriting Concentration, AAS 

  • Creative Writing, Prose, Poetry, And Drama Concentration, AAS 

  • International/Global Studies, AA 

  • Visual Fine Arts, AA 

Department of Music 

  • Music AS (With Concentration in Instrumental, Piano or Vocal Options) 

  • Music, AA (General) 

  • Entertainment Technologies ,AAA – Commercial Music Option 

  • Entertainment Technologies, AAA - Concert Sound and Lighting Option 

  • Entertainment Technologies,  AAA - Recording Engineering Option 

Department of Communication Studies 

  • Communication Arts, AA -Communication Studies Option 

  • Communication Arts, AA - Journalism Option 

  • Communication Arts, A A - Drama and Theatre Arts Option 

  • Public Relations, AA 

  • Sports Broadcasting, AA 

  • Electronic Media Production (Film, Television and Electronic), AA 

  • Digital Filmmaking, AAS-T 

  • Advertising and Graphic Design, AAA 

Department of Biological Sciences 

  • Science (Stem), AS 

  • Biology, AS 

  • Biology - Microbiological, Molecular, and Biomedical Sciences, AS 

  • Biology - Natural Resources, AS 

  • Marine Biology, AA 

Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences 

  • Chemistry, AS 

  • Pure and Applied Mathematics, AS 

  • Computer Science, AS 

  • Data Science, AS

  • Geology, AS 

  • Physics, AS