School of Agriculture, Food Systems & Natural Resources 

          The School of Agriculture and Food system is aiming at studying and promoting the Agricultural science, focusing on strengthening the knowledge of modern agricultural technology.

          The studies cover a wide range of fields related to Agricultural Science and Technology with regard to crop and animal production and the quality and safety of food of plant and animal origin. Moreover, the Food system or Nutrition program, is to provide its students with all the necessary knowledge – basic and modern – that will allow them to have a pluralistic and effective approach on every nutrition issue the modern man has to deal with. While the Natural Resources Unit is to expose students to the natural resources available within the nation and its effective managements.

          The Curriculum in agriculture is designed to prepare Students to acquire the employable skills for sustainability. It is a specialized agricultural program with options available for Students to gain the knowledge and skills essential for gainful employment in the fishery, horticulture and farming in general.


          Department of Agriculture 

          • Agriculture, AS 

          • Sustainable Agriculture, AAS 

          • Agricultural Communications, AS

          • Agricultural Business, AS

          • Agricultural Sales and Service, AAS 

          • Agriculture, AAS –Livestock Production 

          • Horticulture Technology, AAS

          • Horticulture Technology: Landscape Design Specialization, AAS

          • Animal & Poultry Science, AS

          • Animal Veterinary Sciences, AS

          Department of Food Systems

          • Food Science, AS

          • Applied Nutrition, AS

          Department of Natural Resources

          • Wildlife Management, AS

          • Fisheries and Aquaculture Technology, AAS

          • Environmental Science, AS